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"The implementation of WMS has caused the team to work in a new way. The library has been truly globalizing. What WMS has essentially done is enable us to unlock skillsets across regions."

Christopher Paroz
Curator of Digital Resources

SAE Institute’s libraries support 51 campuses across 25 countries. But as Curator of Digital Resources, Christopher Paroz, began working with different branches, he said, “I started to notice inconsistencies across our systems and the cost inefficiencies of having multiple systems.” Some libraries relied solely on spreadsheets to manage their collections, and none of the library staff had an easy way to share between campuses. “With so many separate systems and ways of collecting data, we had an abundance of information and knowledge, but it was confined to people’s minds or remote systems throughout the world.”

SAE chose to implement WorldShare® Management Services (WMS) across all campuses to unify the libraries and their services. Christopher worked with library staff worldwide to find the best solution. “Everyone agreed that OCLC was best positioned to meet the needs of our students, particularly WorldCat® Discovery,” he said. And, while moving to any new library system can be stressful, “Everybody embraced the migration with a big hug, despite the amount of work.” He added, “WMS is really helping us globalize our service and centralize our knowledge.”

"We're essentially talking globalization of the library as well as the system. WMS is the crux of that."

WMS has simplified tasks for both library staff and students. “Authenticating, signing in, using the system is much simpler than it ever was in the past,” Christopher said. For example, “A circulation procedure document wasn’t prepared in time for go-live, and the team instinctively worked it out.” Previously, students could only find and access resources within their country, but WMS has opened the catalog to the world. “Now, we can offer a truly global discovery layer where we can search isolated regions or across all regions or across all OCLC members simultaneously,” he said. “Students are finding that locating resources is as simple as it is for us. Feedback has been very positive.”

“From our perspective,” Christopher said, “what we’re doing now is forward-thinking, modern, and it's definitely developing important soft skills for the team.” For the first time, SAE’s librarians are developing relationships across regions. “The team is really motivated now, and I suspect this is in part due to the diversity they now have in their jobs from the tasks now presented to them that come from across our different regions,” he said. “I’m literally a global librarian,” he added. “It's great working with different people in different countries in different cultures. The experience and growth that comes from that is one of the great benefits WMS is providing us.”

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Library at a glance

  • Manages resources for 50+ campuses in 23 countries
  • Provides education and qualifications in audio, animation, design, film, games, web, and mobile subjections
  • Serves more than 10,000 students with 8 librarians
  • Maintains less than 1% physical resources

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