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Students in the general library, the University of Auckland

"WorldShare certainly helped us achieve workflow efficiency. We save time when adding records for new titles and when deleting the old ones."

Maja Batinica
Cataloguing Manager

Like many libraries, the University of Auckland libraries' collections are growing, especially with electronic resources. Cataloguing Manager Maja Batinica estimated, "MARC records for e-books make up over 40% of all records in the library catalog."

To help the library staff manage these resources, the library implemented WorldShare® Collection Manager in April 2014. "The main goal was to streamline our e-book workflows," Maja said.

Maja and her staff started by replacing their collection sets with WorldCat® knowledge base collections as they became available. This allowed them to receive automatic record updates when the collections changed or when the records were improved by other catalogers across the globe. With more than 1,000,000 e-books, she said, "It is important to receive good quality MARC records in a timely manner and to automate the way we report our holdings." 

"We are confident that the OCLC records are of good quality."

"We use WorldShare Collection Manager to source new, deleted, and updated records from the standard sets and also to manage metadata for processes like DDA," or demand-driven acquisition, Maja said. "WorldShare Collection Manager allows us to synchronize metadata into user discovery channels, to establish more streamlined workflows, and to provide seamless access to e-resources."

Maja also appreciates that Collection Manager is frequently enhanced and upgraded through the cloud. "We are looking forward to forthcoming developments in Collection Manager," she added. "We hope in the future to further automate and improve workflows with e-resources."

Map showing location of the University of Auckland

Library at a glance

  • Includes the general library and ten specialist libraries across five campuses
  • Collections include the Western Pacific High Commission Archives, the Archive of Māori and Pacific Music, and extensive print collections of New Zealand and Pacific material
  • Te Tumu Herenga, the library's name, is Māori for "the chief tethering post"

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