Member stories

OCLC is its members. We are owned, supported and led by our member libraries, whose input guides everything we do. From involvement in major research studies to piloting new products and informing strategic direction, we rely on them for guidance, governance and advice.

Photo: Woman at her laptop

Maximize delivery speed of your resource sharing service

Find out how smart fulfillment functionality across all OCLC resource sharing services empowers libraries to meet user expectations.

Students working in the library at SAE Institute, Sydney

Simplify ILL to increase requests

Learn how the SAE Institute dramatically increased ILL requests by simplifying both their users' experience and resource sharing workflows.

Mannix Library exterior view

Increase collaboration and consistency

Find out how Mannix Library simplified access and enriched the user experience across several libraries in their system.

Entrance of Te Pātaka Kōrero, the library at Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington

Advance research through ongoing collection assessment

Learn how Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington keeps print collections updated and lean to support modern research needs.

Student in the library at Wageningen University & Research

Transform the global visibility of research outputs

Learn how Wageningen University & Research’s digital collections of research images exploded in popularity, creating a global buzz and attracting the attention of an international newspaper.

American University of Sharjah

Streamline resource sharing for improved service

See how American University of Sharjah made interlibrary loan requests easier for both staff members and library users.

Students working in the library at Oxford Brookes University

Automate workflows and create new possibilities for library services

Learn how staff at Oxford Brookes University were able to offer new services, increase visibility of and access to their collections, and raise the library profile to key stakeholders.

Overview of the ‘Grande Galerie’ [grand gallery] at Utrecht University Library, City Center

Prepare to ensure a smooth implementation

Find out how Utrecht University prepared for their transition from a library system created for the physical collection to a cloud-based system.

Library patron browsing in Lakewood Public Library

Outsource new title processing to get books in hands faster

Find out how Lakewood Public Library gets large monthly book orders out to library users within 24 hours of delivery.

Ajuntament de Barcelona photo by Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA, CC BY 2.0,  via Wikimedia Commons

Promote transparency and access to information

Discover how the Documentation and Knowledge-Access Service at Barcelona City Council (SEDAC) responded to the demands of users with the cooperation and support of the international library community.

Reading area in Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

Bring your prestigious collection out into the world

Learn how the staff at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin keeps up with increasing demand for items from its large and respected collection.

Students at Missio Seminary

Maintain library resource access during transitional periods

Discover how Missio Seminary supports students and faculty with remote access to the library items they need.

The McClay Library at Queen's University Belfast

Open international collaborative research through special collections

Learn how Queen's University Belfast enabled researchers worldwide to find and access their special collection resources.  

Librarian fulfills resource sharing requests from home

Keep services going through any crisis

Learn how libraries all over the world kept their resource sharing services going during their COVID-19 closures.

Yvette Wilks at the “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got” Mass. Memories Road Show: The Hip-Hop Edition, May 2018

Ensure local history includes all communities

Discover how the University of Massachusetts Boston collects photos, stories, and videos that better represent all Massachusetts communities.

Library tour at McGill University

Share work, collections, and knowledge across the institution and beyond

See how McGill University embraced an opportunity to customize and improve workflows and to collaborate with other libraries.

Library at Università Bocconi

Expand your network and gain greater visibility internationally

Find out how Università Bocconi has provided more resources for their students and gained more visibility too.

Grounds of The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

Share your collections online to foster the spread of information

See how The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens helps researchers find digital content and compare resources across collections.

The University of New Mexico's University Library

Select resources for off-site storage with confidence and transparency

Understand how The University of New Mexico's library staff gained support and enthusiasm from faculty when moving library resources to off-site storage.

Trevecca Nazarene University's Waggoner Library

Define success through increased engagement and simpler processes

See how Trevecca Nazarene University's Waggoner Library streamlined workflows and increased database usage by choosing a new library system instead of a migration.

The University of Manchester Main Library

Get meaningful e-resource data to support ROI

Learn about ways The University of Manchester evaluates the value of e-resources and library services.

New creative space at Honey Grove Library & Learning Center

Optimize small library spaces

Discover how Honey Grove Library & Learning Center cost-efficiently enhanced library space to better serve the community.

Façade of CSIC's central building

Serve the global research community through international visibility

See how CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council, engages with researchers worldwide through highly visible collections.

Entering the first XR record into WorldCat

Amplify classroom lessons with immersive technology

Learn how Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records supports school libraries through extended and virtual reality technology.

Library at Huachiew Chalermprakiet University

Give staff more time and users more resources

Learn how Huachiew Chalermprakiet University has increased resource access and saved staff time.

Students studying in Northeastern University Library

Empower your strategy through valuable library research

Learn how Northeastern University used archives and special collections research to launch the library’s strategy for reaching online learners and to highlight their unique collections.

Students using Gateway Seminary library

Expedite label printing with easy customization

Learn more about how Gateway Seminary is creating custom book spine labels faster than ever.

New York University Library Atrium

Improve access to e-resources with time-saving automated processes

Learn how New York University Libraries improved cataloging processes for massive and ever-changing e-collections.

Library staff shelving books during renovation

Ensure seamless user experiences during renovations

Learn how the University of New Brunswick quickly updated hundreds of thousands of cataloging records.

Student studying in Eastern Kentucky University Library

Speed up inventory with technology that fits in your hand

Find out how staff at Eastern Kentucky University accelerated their library’s inventory projects.

Patrons working in ZB Zurich

Deliver information efficiently and securely all over the world

Find out how Zentralbibliothek Zürich simplified and automated international interlibrary loan processes.  

Students in front of Ryan Matura Library at Sacred Heart University

Find more time and more resources to help users

Understand how Sacred Heart University provides large demand-driven acquisition collections with time left over to improve discovery services.

Student in The University of Winnipeg's library

Build on existing services to better support students

See how The University of Winnipeg provided more services to the university and library community by simplifying back-office work.

Image of the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Drive museum discovery through a single search

Hear how the Victoria and Albert Museum’s National Art Library improved user experience and increased visibility of their electronic and print collections.

OADTL staff

Make open content discoverable to share with the world

Discover how the Open Access Digital Theological Library achieves its mission to make religious scholarly content freely available worldwide.

Students in a UCL library space

Deliver more study space and benchmark library stock

Find out how University College London manages extensive library collections safely across 18 sites and an off-site storage facility.

Students at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt

Combine academic and public libraries for increased service

See how the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and the Wiener Neustadt public library combined their collections to reach a broader audience.

Students in Sorrells Library at Carnegie Mellon University

Prepare for the next evolution of libraries

Learn how Carnegie Mellon University’s library supports researchers throughout their modern information workflows.

University of California students in the library

Contribute to and benefit from shared cataloging

Find out how catalogers at the California Digital Library share work and rely on other libraries’ contributions.

Student studying in The Claremont Colleges Library

Automate library workflows by enhancing your systems

Discover how The Claremont Colleges developed custom workflows to simplify regular library tasks.

Unidentified photographer. Gabriel García Márquez with Fidel Castro, undated. Courtesy Harry Ransom Center

Open new research opportunities with your digital collections

Find out how the Harry Ransom Center made a unique collection more accessible and useful to scholars worldwide.

Image of the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya.

Preserve your resources and increase visibility

Learn how the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya preserved their delicate and fragile collections.

Poster cataloged with linked data

Participate in research to refine requirements

Discover how libraries engage with their cooperative to drive the future of metadata management.

Rotterdam Public Library customer browsing books

Build stronger community engagement

See how Rotterdam Public Library innovates to better serve the community.

Student worker at Kutztown University library

Optimize interlibrary loan services with new technology

Learn how Kutztown University made interlibrary loan processes more efficient.

Students in the Complutense Biological Library

Cooperate and innovate to secure the future of libraries

Learn how the Complutense University Library participates in global projects to benefit all libraries.

Student in the University of Suffolk Library

Transform remote e-resource access without the overhead cost

Find out how the University of Suffolk provides seamless e-resource access without the problems of locally deployed systems.

Students and instructor in the multi-use instruction room in Central College's library

Make resource searching a one-stop shop

Discover how Central College streamlined its library to provide a better experience for students and staff.

Image of students at SAE Institute

Unify your global library system

Learn how SAE Institute brought together campus libraries from around the world through a single system.

Image of the University of Gloucestershire

Find out which library resources have the greatest influence

Discover how the University of Gloucestershire quantifies the value of the library with learning analytics.

Art from the National Library of New Zealand

Share your nation’s cultural heritage with the world

Find out how the National Library of New Zealand expanded services for libraries in New Zealand and expanded access to information worldwide.

Image of student at Woodbury University Library

More easily connect library users to the resources they need

Examine how Woodbury University students easily find library resources through an accessible search.

Image of student at The Claremont Colleges Library

Expand your catalog and share with the library community at the same time

Discover how The Claremont Colleges Library improves the discoverability of their resources while contributing to the library community.

Image of reference desk at Cary Memorial Library

Locate and request exactly what you need from near or far

Discover how the Massachusetts Library System efficiently finds and delivers the right items to library users across the state.

Students at the Public Library of Gouda

Make connections between data, collections, and programming

Learn how the Public Library of Gouda uses data to better understand their users and provide a better customer service experience.

UC Davis library staff helping student

Find precisely what you’re looking for without distraction

See how the University of California, Davis empowers researchers with quick and efficient access to the resources they need worldwide.

Image of La Trobe University Library

Partner across campus to raise your institution’s research profile

Discover how La Trobe University Library improves the visibility of researchers’ work beyond the formal publication.

Student reading in Saddleback College Library

Save time and money while still honoring your inner perfectionist

Learn how Saddleback College keeps its library catalog more current, has more money for library priorities, and helps new staff members rise to challenges.

Students in Syracuse University Libraries' Learning Commons

Locate hard-to-find resources with a quick, precise search

Discover how Syracuse University supports researchers’ needs for unique resources in a variety of languages.

Boy with hand he 3D-printed at a Delaware public library

Optimize library outcomes in your community

Find out how the Delaware Division of Libraries got a better understanding of how to align community needs and library services.

Explaining the Saint John's Bible at Saint Anselm College

Demonstrate the value of your special collections

Learn how Saint Anselm College analyzed its special collections to identify rare items and strategically focus collection development.

Library Support Unit at Essex Libraries. Copyright Essex County Council.

Improve request efficiency and communication with customers

Hear how Essex Libraries provided more efficiency on tracking requests and improved the customer experience.

Photo of library included in SCELC video

Better understand your collection and how to expand it

See how SCELC compared collections to improve resource sharing and collection development and to secure print retention commitments.

A public event at Midden-Brabant Public Library

Innovate with a reliable partner

Learn how Midden-Brabant Public Library innovated to enhance and develop talent within their local community.

Wikipedia event during Art and Feminism program

Empower communities to learn from and share reliable information

Find out how public libraries are bringing Wikipedia into their libraries—and putting their libraries’ resources on Wikipedia.

Students at Medicine Hat College

Help users find all the resources your library offers

Find out how Medicine Hat College’s library made their video databases easier for students and faculty to locate.

Photograph of the University of Essex

Supply articles in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way

See how the University of Essex simplified article delivery directly to users.

University of Saint Francis member story

Share resources with fewer clicks

Discover how the University of Saint Francis simplified interlibrary loan for staff, student workers, and library users.

Students in Swinburne University of Technology library

Simplify your electronic demand-driven acquisition program

Learn how Swinburne University of Technology keeps electronic demand-driven acquisition titles discoverable, accessible and circulating. 

Students studying at Hillsdale College library

Improve discovery of your entire collection

Find out how Hillsdale College makes it easier for users and reference librarians to find the information they need in the library’s catalog.

University of Auckland library

Save time maintaining your e-collections

Discover how the University of Auckland maintains its catalog with up-to-date records for electronic resources. 

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine building

Dedicate more time to sharing research globally

Learn how Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s library supports institutional goals using the cloud.

Student in the library at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

Focus your time on your library's strengths

Discover how the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University Libraries found more time to devote to faculty and student support.

Exterior of Seaside Public Library

Deliver library resources from around the world as if it’s easy

Find out how Seaside Public Library maintains a quick and helpful interlibrary loan service for patrons and other libraries.

Students at Tulsa Community College

Support changing roles with reduced workloads

Learn how Tulsa Community College library eased workloads across campuses without increasing the budget.


Simplify resource sharing by using the cloud

See how Ohio Wesleyan University improved services by shifting interlibrary loan processes to the cloud.


Empower staff by helping them to do more

Learn how Bryant University saved time and money to allow staff members to focus on better resources, user services and reporting.


Share solutions through global collaboration

Learn how ADA University in Azerbaijan engages with libraries worldwide to share resources, culture and knowledge.


Make history relevant in a visual culture

Discover how the Indiana Historical Society organizes online images in a way that allows people around the world to easily browse and learn about Indiana's history.


Collaborate for better services across campuses

Find out how Antioch University's five libraries, spread throughout the United States, came together to provide a flexible, consistent and comprehensive experience for students and faculty.


Involve your community in local history

Find out how the Douglas County History Research Center expanded their collection through cooperation with local organizations.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Streamline staff workflows and consolidate resource access

Find out how the University of KwaZulu-Natal improved user services and the use of staff resources


Maintain great user services even with reduced staff

Learn how the Chase Law Library continued to provide a high level of service to students and faculty despite a reorganization and a smaller staff.


Bring your hidden resources to light

Discover how the Moravian Music Foundation exposed its rare and unique collections to music lovers worldwide.


Offer your collection as a service

Find out how Erasmus University Rotterdam library refocused library tasks on supporting faculty and students with information and library resources.


Improve the quality of your online catalog

See how Missio Seminary helps students and faculty find the resources they need through an up-to-date and intuitive online catalog.


Help students specialize their studies

Learn how Goucher College library supports study-abroad students through access to resources focused on specific locations and cultures.


Connect users to the resources they need

Discover how Camden Theological Library made time to tackle projects that highlighted more resources for library users.


Reimagine your workflows to better serve your users

Discover what inspired Butler University Libraries to make dramatic organizational and process changes that help them focus on their new priorities.


Cooperate to strengthen libraries in all communities

Learn how the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reestablished a Tribal community library through a partnership with University of Wisconsin – Madison's School of Library and Information Studies.


Engage your community through common interests

See how Denver Public Library stays relevant by reaching people through the activities they already enjoy.

Image from inside the library at John Cabot University

Search in one place for resources worldwide

Learn how librarians at John Cabot University improved access to resources from both their libraries and libraries worldwide.


Share history's most difficult lessons to improve the future

Find out how a group of scholars and librarians came together to help people learn about civil rights, African American issues, and the impact of history on today's culture.

Image of a student at a computer from the University of Winchester

Quickly and easily satisfy document requests

Find out how the University of Winchester gained better visibility into and control of interlibrary loan requests.


Share your specialized collections

Learn how Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary shares its focused collections and meets students' broader needs.


Create time for new initiatives

Find out how Saddleback College found time to improve the resources available to students without hiring more staff.


Renovate for today's information environment

See how Connecticut College combined a collection management project with a building renovation to offer modern study, collaboration and technology spaces to students and faculty.


Share your print collection to expand your library

Discover how a small group of academic libraries in Iowa formed the Central Iowa – Collaborative Collections Initiative to share print resources.


Improve results for all libraries in your group, big and small

Discover how LIBROS balanced the staff and user demands of major universities and small museums with one library management system.


Embed your library in the research process

Discover how the SHARE initiative fosters conversations about libraries' roles in preserving and sharing research outputs beyond the final publication.