Data Science

The Web is the native environment of information seekers. OCLC Research recognizes that to be integrated into the Web, traditional library data must be transformed in various ways.  We are analyzing the data in WorldCat and other sources to derive new meaning, insights, and services for use by libraries and others on the Web. Our work includes:

Exposing and extending data

Transforming and optimizing data so it can be better utilized by Web applications to deliver library services and assets to information seekers.

Recent work:

OCLC Linked Data Research
Looking Inside the Library Knowledge Vault


Aggregating library-created data

Leveraging OCLC members' collected knowledge investment for efficiency and re-use by libraries and other organizations.

Recent work:

VIAF: Virtual International Authority File

Enhance aggregated data

Adding insights and information from library-created data pools and non-library sources to increase data impact.

Recent work:

Multilingual Bibliographic Structure

Mine data to create new knowledge

Making associations that improve library operations and provide users with new insights.

Recent work:

Cookbook Finder