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Building Cross-campus Relationships

Building Cross-campus Relationships in Research Support Services

By Rebecca Bryant, Brian Lavoie

CNI Fall Membership Meeting

This presentation provides an overview of findings from the recent OCLC Research report “Social Interoperability in Research Support: Cross-Campus Partnerships and the University Research Enterprise.”

Topics: Research Data Management, Research Support

Round up, OCLC-LIBER Open Science Discussion Series

Round up, OCLC-LIBER Open Science Discussion Series

By Rachel Frick, Astrid Verheusen, Titia van der Werf, Rebecca Bryant

This concluding webinar to the LIBER-OCLC Open Science Discussion Series provided an overview of the small group discussions, highlighted some of the visions developed, challenges identified and collaboration opportunities identified, and outlined next steps and future opportunities for engagement.

Topics: Open Access


Research Information Management in the United States

By Rebecca Bryant

Expertise Systems in Florida Universities: Collaboration Across Campus and Beyond

Bryant shares highlights of her research into Research Information Management, particularly describing primary US cases, how American practices are distinctive from European—and indeed—global practices, and the importance of cross-institutional collaboration to ensure quality data and reduce workflow duplication.

Recording available from Florida Universities on Zoom.

Topics: Research Information Management

Facilitating Technical Interoperability through Improved Social Interoperability

Facilitating Technical Interoperability through Improved Social Interoperability

By Rebecca Bryant

Lisbon, Portugal

This presentation shared about a current OCLC Research project on Institutional Stakeholders in Research Support, We are examining the operations, goals, and pain points of university stakeholders supporting research support activities in order to equip practitioners with greater knowledge for successfully managing enterprise projects. 

Topics: Institutional Organization, Organizational Identifiers, Research Support