New research shares recommendations for building strong library collaborations

A new report from OCLC Research offers recommendations for building strong collaborations based on real-life examples. This research uses cases studies to document the practical experiences and lessons learned from collaborations involving art and academic libraries to identify successful collaboration characteristics and typical challenges when planning, implementing, and sustaining a partnership. The insights and lessons learned can inform any library collaboration.

As art and independent research libraries face challenges from an evolving environment, repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic, and static or diminishing resources, finding sustainable pathways becomes an increasing priority. Collaboration is an important strategy for art research collections in achieving long-term sustainability.  

Building on OCLC Research’s continued work on library collaboration, Sustaining Art Research Collections: Case Studies in Collaboration highlights important considerations for art libraries and institutions that might partner with them and provides recommendations that will be useful to any type of library considering collaboration.  

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OCLC Research reports are a community resource to advance library thinking and promote discussion. They are freely available to all to read, download, and share.