Works in Progress Webinar: Developing a boot camp program for graduate student success at Rutgers University-Newark

Join this webinar to hear how the library at Rutgers University-Newark led an innovative and successful series of workshops, in collaboration with several stakeholders across campus, to address graduate students’ professional development needs.

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OCLC Research report Social Interoperability in Research Support
Boot Camps for Graduate Student Success project site
Article about Boot Camps for Graduate Student Success program
Article about findings from assessment of graduate student boot camp program
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  • Bonnie Fong, Physical Sciences Librarian/Graduate Student Services, Rutgers University-Newark


Graduate students have significant professional development needs that are rarely addressed within the traditional graduate curricula, regardless of discipline or career plans. This webinar presentation will share how the library, in close collaboration with other campus stakeholders from the Graduate School, Writing Center, and Learning Center at Rutgers University-Newark, initiated, facilitated, and assessed an innovative and successful series of Boot Camps for Graduate Student Success.

This effort provides an excellent demonstration of “Social Interoperability”--the creation and maintenance of working relationships between individuals and organizational units across campus. 

The boot camp offerings were day-long events sometimes spanning multiple days facilitated by experts from within the library and other campus units. They were organized around six skills-development themes:

  • Data
  • Grants
  • Literature research
  • Presentations
  • Research impact & promotion
  • Writing & publishing

The events were well-attended, and post-event evaluations were extremely positive, with 99% of graduate student attendees saying they would recommend that other students participate in these events. 

This webinar will also describe how the Rutgers Libraries continue to provide leadership through the establishment and stewardship of a Graduate Student Support group composed of stakeholders from across campus, including the Graduate School, Research Office, Career Development Center, and several others.

You can also learn more in this publication:

This webinar will be of interest to a variety of attendees, including scholarly communication librarians, liaison librarians, and library leaders. We encourage you to also share information about this webinar with relevant stakeholders across your campus, such as the Graduate School and Career Development office.


09 December 2021


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time, North America [UTC -5]

Live webinar sessions are exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners, but the recordings are publicly available to all.