Open Access Discovery project

About the project

OCLC Research is partnering with two Dutch library consortia—Universiteitsbibliothekenen Nationale Bibliotheek (UKB) and Samenwerkingsverband Hogeschoolbibliotheken (SHB)—to investigate ways that libraries at universities and universities of applied sciences can improve the discoverability of scholarly, peer-reviewed open access (OA) publications for their communities.

Why it matters

Dutch academic libraries have been instrumental in the progress toward full open access to publications for all educational institutions and research domains in the Netherlands. Many are investing heavily in making scholarly, peer-reviewed literature freely accessible. Making those OA publications discoverable within users' workflows is equally important.

Libraries need better evidence to improve the discoverability of OA publications. This project is investigating how staff at Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences are integrating scholarly, peer-reviewed OA publications into their users’ discovery workflows, which will provide valuable evidence for other libraries wanting to make their own practices more effective.

What it will bring to libraries

This project will provide evidence to help libraries:

  • Improve the discoverability of scholarly peer-reviewed OA publications being produced within and outside of their institutions
  • Develop and refine key measures to assess the discoverability of the OA resources they provide to their communities 
  • Improve discovery experiences by incorporating OA publications into users’ workflows
  • Work with key stakeholders to improve the discoverability of OA publications

How the project will collect evidence

The project team will conduct group interviews with staff at universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands to examine how libraries are integrating OA publications into their users’ discovery workflows and measuring the success of their efforts.

The team will survey user communities at each participating institution to investigate users’ discovery experiences, including their responses to access restrictions.

How the project will share results

The Open Access Discovery project will share outputs related to its progress and findings on this page. 


Introduction to the Open Access Discovery project

Project Introduction Video - link

Titia van der Werf, Senior Program Officer at OCLC Research, explains the background, aims and organisation of the project during the OCLC Customer Day in October 2022.

(Video is in Dutch with English subtitles)


OCLC Research is partnering with:

Project organization

Steering committee

  • Hubert Krekels (Wageningen University & Research; Chair UKB)
  • Gerdie Limonard (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Board member SHB)
  • Bianca Pannekoek (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences; Board member SHB)
  • Lynn Silipigni Connaway (OCLC Research)

Working group

  • Ixchel M. Faniel (OCLC Research)
  • Henrietta J.W. Hazen (Maastricht University; Member of UKB-SHB WG on Information Literacy)
  • Jaroen Kuijper (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Member of the SHB working group Research)
  • Bart van der Steen (Leiden University)
  • Titia van der Werf (OCLC Research)

OCLC Project Leads

Ixchel M. Faniel (co-lead)
Titia van der Werf (co-lead and primary contact)

OCLC Team Members

Britanny Brannon
Brooke Doyle
Lesley Langa

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Samenwerkingsverband Hogeschoolbibliotheken (SHB)
Universiteitsbibliotheken & Nationale Bibliotheek (UKB)