WorldShare e-Services

An end-to-end suite of cloud-based applications for the management, discovery and delivery of e‑content for libraries

Optimize management, access to and visibility of your e-resources.

Effective management of electronic resources continues to create new challenges for libraries. By offering applications that address every stage of the electronic resources workflow—acquisition, metadata and license management, access and discovery—the WorldShare e-Services package enables you to simplify the systems and processes needed to put electronic materials in the hands of your users more quickly, wherever they start their search.

Streamline all or part of your e-resources workflow

The WorldShare e-Services package can be adopted as a complete solution, or as modules to support specific aspects of the e-resource management workflow at a pace that suits your individual needs.

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Give users seamless access to e-resources with 24/7 reliability

As part of the WorldShare e-Services package, OCLC manages the set-up, configuration and updating of the authentication software relating to the content your library subscribes to. We run the software on our own servers and we manage all aspects of IT monitoring, security, back-up, recovery and updates. This is invisible to your users; all they see is quicker, trouble-free access to key resources.

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Automatically update e-collections data

Through collection management functionality of WorldShare Metadata, the e-Services package ensures corresponding MARC records are delivered with your e-books and licensed materials. Data and access URLs for all your titles are continuously and automatically updated to improve the processes that depend on this information, such as from discovery, access control, and usage analysis.

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Reduce the complexity of managing licenses

Manage license agreements, rights, access and resolution to full text from the same interface, eliminating the need to synchronize data across multiple interfaces or manage hard copies, and provide ready access to license terms within collection workflows.

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Drive efficiencies in e-resource management through WorldCat

The applications that make up the e-Services package are underpinned by WorldCat, the most comprehensive network of library data in the world. This means that libraries using this package of e-Services benefit from network effects as they share data, work and resources to drive efficiencies in e-resource management and improve visibility of these collections on the web.

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Improve discovery of e-resources for your users

One click access to a wide range of materials is now the expectation of many users. The discovery options available as part of the e-Services package provide your users with a single-search of your electronic, digital and physical resources, as well as materials held by thousands of libraries worldwide.

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Member stories

photo: Salone monumentale at the Biblioteca Casanatense

Maximize sharing, searchability, and access to library collections

Discover how Casanatense Library committed to providing worldwide visibility of its growing digital collection.

SKEMA Business School

Give users easy access to e-resources from any location and at any time

Learn how SKEMA Business School simplified access to e-resources both on and off campus and gained a clear picture of library usage around the world.

"Management of e-Resources is often very costly and sometimes impossible, when using some existing library systems. The WorldShare e-Services package offers interesting possibilities for the design of future business procedures around electronic resources. It is important to develop efficient resource-saving processes, which can integrate existing or future services from external providers, for instance consortial acquisitions. OCLC’s use of collaborative shared information in the acquisition and license area is a very welcome approach."

Dr. Klotz-Berendes
Library Director at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany

The WorldShare e-Services solution helps libraries with the management, discovery and delivery of e-resources. This full suite of cloud-based applications simplifies end-to-end processes to get e-resources to library users faster, wherever they start their search.

Service availability

  • Available in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand

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Find out how to optimize management, access to and visibility of your e-resources.