Role of Libraries in Data Curation

OCLC Research Library Partnership

Academic libraries should be prepared to respond to the need for dataset management, both supporting researchers' data needs during the course of the research and providing ongoing preservation of and access to datasets. This activity will investigate topics related to data curation and libraries.

Other efforts related to helping libraries with data curation include cost studies of sustainable digital curation. Partner working groups are exploring campus-wide policy and selection issues.


Data curation has repeatedly come up as an area where OCLC Research Library Partners would like to work collaboratively on a path forward.


Libraries would like to provide distinctive services in their support of their institutions' research missions. While data needs for some of the big sciences are met outside the library, there are other fields in which data curation is badly needed. This project will help to establish meaningful ways in which libraries can help to manage research datasets.


The Research Information Interest Group listserv (link provides a discussion forum for identifying areas of need.  Subgroups then take on a topic and develop something of use to the community. 

Data Curation Policy Working Group:
Encouraging a campus-wide data management policy

This active data curation working group is identifying campus stakeholders and topics for libraries to raise with the other stakeholders on campus (IT, Office of Research, Academic departments, and so on) about the advantages of a campus-wide policy. Members include:

  • Dan Tsang, chair — University of California, Irvine
  • Anna Clements — University of St. Andrews
  • Joy Davidson — DCC, University of Glasgow
  • Mike Furlough — Pennsylvania State University
  • Amy Nurnberger — Columbia University
  • Sally Rumsey — University of Oxford
  • Anna Shadbolt — University of Melbourne
  • Claire Stewart — Northwestern University
  • Beth Warner — Ohio State University
  • Perry Willett — California Digital Library

The broad range of experience and perspectives that these members contribute to this data curation work is invaluable.


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