E-Research and Data: Opportunities for Library Engagement

With the increase in e-Research, federal funding agency mandates and policies, and the SHared Research Ecosystem (SHARE) initiative, academic libraries have begun to envision new ways to better serve their campus communities' need for the management, curation, and preservation of research data. Many believe that librarians are uniquely suited to support scholars throughout the entire research cycle—from the inception of the research through the dissemination of the results. Some academic libraries have begun to create and offer such research data services. The aim of this project is to examine early responses to opportunities for library engagement that can serve to inform practical and effective approaches within the larger academic community.



Faniel, I.M., Connaway, L.S., & Parson, K. (2014, June). "Building Relationships for the Effective Development and Delivery of Research Data Services." Presentation for the Research and Statistics Committee of the Reference Services Section of RUSA at the 20th Reference Research Forum at the 2014 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference.


  1. Build awareness of librarians' early experiences designing and developing research data services.
  2. Inform practical, effective approaches to developing research data services on campus
  3. Identify common strategic responses among academic libraries engaged in e-Research and data initiatives
  4. Inform strategic approaches to e-Research and data given campus community needs, infrastructure, resources, and expertise.


This project aims to examine academic library engagement in e-Research and data through several studies.

The first study explores librarians' early experiences designing and delivering research data services with the objective of informing practical, effective approaches for the larger academic community. Data collection consists of individual and focus group interviews with librarians offering or planning to offer research data services on their campuses.

The second study aims to examine early strategic responses to e-Research and data needs on campus. The objective of the study is to identify common strategic responses among academic libraries and inform future strategic approaches given campus community needs, infrastructure, resources, and expertise.


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Ixchel Faniel, Ph.D.

Team Members

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.

This activity is a part of the User Behavior Studies & Synthesis theme.

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