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Migration timeline

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Beta testing was conducted with a group of volunteer libraries. The group was comprised of academic, public and special libraries that use WorldCat Resource Sharing services along with WorldCat Local, WorldCat Local "quick start" or Webscale Management Services.

A phased rollout of the service began in mid-2012, progressing toward general availability for users in the United States in March 2013. Availability to all other users will occur starting in June 2013. Access to the WorldCat Resource Sharing service is scheduled to end December 31, 2013.

  • A Phase I managed group began migration in July 2012. OCLC will invite libraries to participate in Phase I based on review of library interlibary loan usage patterns.
  • A Phase II managed group began migration in November 2012. OCLC selected a limited amount of libraries for the group based on matching the functionality used by interested libraries against a set of qualification criteria.

OCLC is consulting with groups that share a resource sharing subscription to plan their migrations. Because these groups are all managed differently, we will work together to determine the best approach and timing for their migration to the new service.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will be available for all WorldCat Resource Sharing subscribers starting in March 2013. During this time, you may learn the new service and choose the best timeframe for your library's migration. Just note that the initiation of new requests in WorldCat Resource Sharing will end in November of 2013, so by this time you will want to have moved the bulk of your activity to the new service.

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