WorldShare Management Services

An integrated suite of cloud-based library
management applications

Save time and money. Improve service to users.

Faced with scarce resources, changing user needs and increasingly diverse collections and systems, libraries are looking for new ways to save time and money while improving service to their users. By sharing data and work across many member libraries, WorldShare Management Services (WMS) offer libraries cost savings, workflow efficiencies and the ability to deliver new value to users.

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Libraries Realize Real Results with WMS

Library staff shared the ways WMS has helped to save money, staff time and offered new functionality.

This, in turn, provided them with opportunities to take on new projects... to Realize Real Results in their libraries.

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Streamline workflows

Libraries using WMS experience improved workflows and drastic reductions in the time it takes to perform routine tasks, including e-resource management and cataloging. They have also been able to reallocate full-time staff to undertake new initiatives such as cataloging special collections, creating LibGuides for users and redesigning their websites. 

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Realize significant cost savings

Traditional ILS systems often require costs to maintain servers and software. These costs are eliminated with WMS, a cloud-based system. Additionally, there are no fees related to the purchase of a separate openURL resolver, A-Z list or electronic resource management systems, all of which are included with a WMS subscription.

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Manage e-resources efficiently

WMS integrates all your electronic and print resource management workflows—including selection, acquisitions and maintenance—within the same Web-based WorldShare interface and applications. This helps to streamline and automate the management of electronic collections and puts electronic materials in the hands of users more quickly.

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Improve discovery for your users and visibility for your library

Your WMS subscription includes WorldCat Local, which provides your users with a single-search of your electronic, digital and physical resources, as well as materials held by thousands of libraries worldwide. And, through OCLC’s syndication partners, it gives your library more visibility on the Web with leading search engines and other popular sites. 

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Get better information about your systems

A WMS subscription includes a range of predefined/parameterized reports based on local library data. These include a local holdings report, and dashboards that provide visual, at-a-glance views of key performance indicators about your library’s activities. A report authoring tool is available at an additional cost, as is the Collection Evaluation service, which provides user-specified, peer comparisons based on OCLC cooperative data.

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Member stories


Empower staff by helping them to do more

Learn how Bryant University saved time and money to allow staff members to focus on better resources, user services and reporting.

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Collaborate for better services across campuses

Find out how Antioch University's five libraries, spread throughout the United States, came together to provide a flexible, consistent and comprehensive experience for students and faculty.

"WMS has revolutionized our cataloging process. We can now catalog items as we receive them, and that frees up our cataloger for other projects. We have a wonderful archive and special collections, but we did not have any staff available to work with them. Since we implemented WMS, our cataloger now has time to work with our archive—something I considered to be an undiscovered treasure.”  

Julie Pinnell
Director of Perkins Library, Doane College
Live since November 2012

A cooperative effort

OCLC worked with a library advisory council, pilot libraries and early adopters to develop the WMS suite of cloud-based library management applications. When data is stored in the cloud, it offers many advantages including the ability to share information across applications and libraries. In July 2011, WMS was released for general availability. Today more than 190 libraries worldwide are live with WMS and using it to share bibliographic records, publisher and knowledge base data, vendor records, serials patterns, and more. WMS also provides libraries the unique opportunity to share innovation, applications, infrastructure, vision and success.

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