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Colket Illustrated Sheet Music

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Lovejoy Library

This digital collection consists of 96 pieces of historic, illustrated sheet music from Lovejoy Library's Gordon Colket Music Collection. Gordon Wright Colket was a dealer in illustrative materials who assembled the collection over a period of six or seven years. Most of the pieces are by 19th century American composers and include detailed cover lithographs. The collection is rich in Civil War vintage pieces. Selected titles are presented with digital audio files of piano performances.

Goucher College Early History and Ephemera

Goucher College Digital Library

The Early History and Ephemera Collection contains information pertaining to the founding of The Woman's College of Baltimore (name changed in 1910 to Goucher College) as well as many late 19th century and early 20th century documents. The majority of documents are from The Methodist Episcopal Church's Women's Educational Association Baltimore Conference of Women, held in 1884, and subsequent fundraising efforts for the founding of the college.

Honnold Library Record

Claremont Colleges Digital Library

The Honnold Library Record was the publication of the Honnold Library Society. With its content focused on the special and unique collections at the Libraries, the Honnold Library Record sets a high standard for library publications in Claremont. Distinguished members of the Society, scholar-librarians, and other esteemed writers contributed pieces to the Record, published from 1958 until 1975.

Public Enemies - Tinseltown Comes to Oshkosh

Oshkosh Public Library

In April 2008, downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was transformed into a movie set for the Johnny Depp film, Public Enemies. In this collection are the photographs taken and submitted by the residents of Oshkosh who experienced Tinseltown in their hometown.

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