Keeping Research Data Safe 2

by: Brian Lavoie, Neil Beagrie [first author]

The first Keeping research data safe study (Beagrie, Chrusczcz and Lavoie, JISC 2008) made a major contribution to understanding of long-term preservation costs for research data by developing a cost model and indentifying cost variables for preserving research data in UK universities. This aim of this follow-on project (2009/2010) was to provide a larger body of material and evidence against which existing and future data preservation cost modelling exercises could be tested and validated. This report presents the results of a survey of available cost information, validation and further development of the Keeping research data safe activity cost model, and a new taxonomy to help assess benefits alongside costs. A range of supplementary materials in support of this report are available on the project website.

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Lavoie, Brian, Neil Beagrie [first author], and Matthew Woolard. 2010. Keeping Research Data Safe 2. JISC. Available online at: (.pdf: 1.5MB/89 pp.).