Reflections on Collective Collections

By Brian Lavoie, Lorcan Dempsey, and Constance Malpas

Collective collections are the combined holdings of a group of libraries, analyzed and possibly managed as a unified resource. Constructing, understanding, and operationalizing collective collections is an increasingly important aspect of collection management for many libraries. This article presents some general insights about collective collections, drawn from a series of studies conducted by OCLC. These insights identify salient characteristics of many collective collections and serve as a starting point for developing collective collection-based strategies for such library priorities as shared print, digitization, and group-scale discovery and fulfillment. 

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The published version of this article is now available from College & Research Libraries:
Lavoie, Brian,  Lorcan Dempsey, and Constance Malpas. 2020. "Reflections on Collective Collections." College & Research Libraries 81, no. 6: 981-996.


 Suggested citation for the preprint:

Lavoie, Brian, Lorcan Dempsey, and Constance Malpas. 2020. “Reflections on Collective Collections.” College & Research Libraries 81, no. 6 (September). Forthcoming.
OCLC Research Preprint. Accepted 13 December 2019.