Context from the data reuser’s point of view

By Ixchel M. Faniel, Rebecca D. Frank, and Elizabeth Yakel

Based on a qualitative study of 105 researchers from three disciplinary communities: quantitative social science, archaeology, and zoology, this paper published in the Journal of Documentation extends digital curation conversations to include the preservation of context as well as content to facilitate data reuse. When compared to prior research, findings show that there is some generalizability with respect to the types of context needed across different disciplines and data sharing and reuse environments. It also introduces several new context types. Relying on the perspective of researchers offers a more nuanced view that shows the importance of the different context types for each discipline and the ways disciplinary members thought about them. Both data producers and curators can benefit from knowing what to capture and manage during data collection and deposit into a repository.

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Suggested citation:

Faniel, Ixchel, Rebecca D. Frank, and Elizabeth Yakel. (2019). "Context from the data reuser’s point of view," Journal of Documentation, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.