Editorial: Archaeology and Information Research

By Isto Huvila, Marija Dalbello, Costis Dallas, Ixchel M. Faniel, and Michael Olsson

In this editorial published in the journal Information Research, the authors provide a preview of the special issue that explores an interdisciplinary nexus of information science and archaeology that has been generating practices, fields of knowledge, methodologies, and theorisations in information research. The archaeologies both can be envisioned to include archaeology proper, media archaeology, the archaeology of knowledge and other archaeological approaches, whereas information research includes, library, museum and archival studies, as well as other relevant disciplines.

The editorial gives an overview of the six articles in the special issue, which consider the practices of archaeologists and information professionals around data sharing, management, and curation, the archaeological sites as information structures, media archaeology, and the application of archaeological concepts to archival ethnography.

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Suggested citation:

Huvila, Isto, Marija Dalbello, Costis Dallas, Ixchel M. Faniel, and Michael Olsson. 2019. Editorial: Archaeology and information research. Information Research, 24(2), editorial-thematic issue. Retrieved from http://InformationR.net/ir/24-2/ArchaeolEditorial.html.