Libraries and the Informational Future: Some Notes

by: Lorcan Dempsey

This article discusses four general themes and then makes observations about library change and LIS (Library and Information Science) education in this context. The themes are:

  1. An informational future: a processing perspective.We are moving from a relatively static 'docu-ment' based world to a more dynamic informational one.
  2. From transaction costs to the network level: an organizational perspective. The reduction of trans-action costs in a network environment has meant that whole industries have been reshaped. Libraries will be no exception.
  3. The power of pull: a social perspective. The library has to actively position itself to engage with research, learning and civic engagement.
  4. The importance of focus: a strategic perspective. This is essential as libraries position themselves as important partners within their home institutions. They cannot continue to spend a lot of time on activities that replicate what is being done elsewhere and do not create real value for their institutions. Strategy is about making choices that increase impact. It is about moving esources to where there is most benefit, and finding the right level in the network at which things should be done.

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Dempsey, Lorcan. 2012. "Libraries and the Informational Future: Some Notes" (pdf: 80K/12pp.). Information Services and Use, 32,3-4:203-214.