Library Mobile Applications: What Counts as Success?

by: Bruce Washburn

We have been hearing and reading about the approaching dominance of mobile for a while now, but there is little evidence yet from library mobile applications of a dramatic sea change in how our users are finding us and using our services. Why is that? If your library does not have a mobile presence yet, there is already sufficient reason to consider one, and there are many viable and affordable options to choose from. But as expectations and capabilities evolve, it will be important to take a careful and objective look at how your selected approach is doing, and to reconsider and try other approaches if necessary.

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Suggested Citation:

Washburn, Bruce. 2011. "Library Mobile Applications: What Counts as Success?" Information Outlook, 15,1 (January/February). Pre-print available online at: (.pdf: 130.5K/7 pp.).