Mapping ONIX to MARC

by: Carol Jean Godby

This document presents an interpretation of a crosswalk from ONIX 2.1 to MARC 21 developed by OCLC and made publicly available from the OCLC Web site and EDItEUR. This work represents a major upgrade in the statement of how data for bibliographic description can be exchanged between two standards that are widely used in the library and publishing communities. The discussion considers practical outcomes and identifies theoretical and conceptual issues that will inform the next major revision of this strategically important relationship.

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Suggested Citation:

Godby, Carol Jean. 2010. Mapping ONIX to MARC. Report and crosswalk produced by OCLC Research. Available online at (report; .pdf: 190K/32 pp.) and (crosswalk; .xls: 180K/14 sheets).