Lorcan Dempsey

Vice President, Membership and Research, Chief Strategist

Lorcan Dempsey

Lorcan coordinates strategic planning and oversees the Membership and Research Division at OCLC. He has worked for library and educational organizations in Ireland, the UK, and the US. His influence on national policy and library directions is widely recognized.

In 2010 he received the National Federation of Advanced Information Services' (NFAIS) highest award, The Miles Conrad Award. He is an honorary Doctor of the Open University in the UK and has twice received an ALCTS Presidential Citation for his work with OCLC colleagues. Lorcan began his career in public libraries in his native Dublin, Ireland. Before moving to OCLC, he managed the UK higher education national investment in information services for Jisc. He is a member of the Cambridge University Library Visiting Committee. Lorcan has a BA and MLIS from University College Dublin.

Lorcan can be followed on the Web at Lorcan Dempsey's weblog and on Twitter. He publishes and presents widely.

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    Gli effetti della pandemia stanno accelerando lo sviluppo delle collezioni?

    12 November 2021

    Lorcan Dempsey

    In this article, we consider collections in relation to three different points of view and we briefly present three further methodologies of transversal development of collections: optimization, pluralization, and reading computation of large-scale data

    Interview: Collection Directions and Pandemic Effects

    12 November 2021

    Lorcan Dempsey

    In this interview, Lorcan Dempsey discusses his recent work and views on collection directions and how the worldwide pandemic has changed and accelerated trends. 

    Library Discovery Directions

    29 June 2020

    Lorcan Dempsey

    In this foreword to the edited collection Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library (2020), Lorcan Dempsey traces shifting trends in the library discovery environment contributing to the diversified scope of resource discovery.

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