Previous RLG Committee Members

The RLG Committee is no longer intact. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

For the initial (July 2006) committee, three members were appointed by and from the former RLG Board of Directors and three members were appointed by OCLC's Board of Trustees. The chair of the committee was the former chair of the RLG Board of Directors.

2006–2007 Members

Name Institution
Nancy Eaton Pennsylvania State University
Carol Mandel New York University
James Neal (chair) Columbia University
Elisabeth Niggemann Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Jane Ryland Educause
Lizabeth Wilson University of Washington

OCLC Research staff and the RLG Partnership Council were grateful to those who served the above term and rotated off the Committee. The support, insights and recommendations they provided to assist and advise the OCLC Board of Trustees board in understanding our work agenda, as well as the potential corporate and community impact of the work of OCLC Research, was greatly appreciated.