Internet2 Today

Jane Ryland

Membership Consultant

15 April 2003

1:00-2:30 Presentation
2:30-3:00 Coffee and cookies

OCLC Auditorium
6565 Frantz Road
Dublin, OH 43017

Jane Ryland is a member of the OCLC Board of Trustees and membership consultant for the Internet2 consortium. Her presentation will discuss the power and potential of Internet2, focusing on new activities currently underway. Jane will address the aspects of Internet2 of greatest interest to both OCLC and the library community.

The Internet2 consortium is comprised of more than 200 universities working in partnership with industry and government. This initiative provides a high-speed platform for advanced networking capabilities, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's internet. Some of its most significant contributions, however, are not in infrastructure but in the advanced applications it makes possible.

Prior to becoming a senior staff member of Internet2, Jane served as president of CAUSE, the predecessor of EDUCAUSE, from 1986 to 1998. She has held positions in higher education and private industry, including serving as Virginia Tech's first database administrator, a role in which she was responsible for library automation.

In addition to serving on the OCLC Board of Trustees, Jane Ryland is currently a member of the COLLEGIS Board of Directors.

Attend this presentation to learn the current status of this leading edge network and its revolutionary Internet applications.

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