Selected quick references

Ching-chih Chen, Ph.D.

Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Simmons College

This brief list was developed in conjunction with Dr. Chen's September 30, 2005 Distinguished Seminar Series presentation, New Mode of Universal Access: The Latest Development of Global Memory Net. Please note that these references are provided for background information only.

Chen, Ching-chih. 2005. "Digital Libraries and Universal Access in the 21st Century: Realities and Potential for US China Collaboration," In: Proceedings of The 3rd China-US Library Conference, Shanghai, China, March 22-25, 2005. Beijing, China: National Library of China. pp. 138-167. Invited Speech. Available online at: (PDF:3.9MB/23pp.)

Chen, Ching-chih. 2004. "The Promise of International Digital Library Collaboration for Innovative Use of Invaluable Resources," In: Proceedings of LIDA 2004 (Library in the Digital Age): Human Information Behaviour & Competences for Digital Libraries, Dubrovnik and Mljet Island, Croatia, May 25-29, 2004. Osijek, Croatia: University J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek. pp. 7-15. Keynote speech. Available online at: (PDF:455K/10pp.)

Chen, Ching-chih. 2004. "Global World Library in the Digital Age: Potentials and Challenges in the Case of Global Memory Net," LC's Digital Future & You! A series of briefings sponsored by Library Services on digital initiatives. Invited Speaker (July 19). The Library of Congress has made this webcast accessible via their website: (Requires RealPlayer.) (Please note that Version 1.0 is described in this presentation. Version 3.0, developed after April 2005, is current at the time of the OCLC presentation.)

Ching-chih Chen's DSS presentation abstract

OCLC Research Distinguished Seminar Series