MAR 10

Works in Progress Webinar: Reorganizing and Restructuring the Research Library for Strategy and Value

Exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners
Staff at OCLC Research Library Partner institutions were invited to attend this webinar to learn more about shifting organizational structures in research libraries #orlp

This event has passed.


Webinar files

Download webinar slides (.pptx) [link]

We asked, you answered. Based on surveying and interviewing institutions in the OCLC Research Library Partnership, Jim Michalko shared observations about how academic libraries are innovatively changing their organizational structures to:

  • more directly support the priorities of their home institutions
  • deliver a different set of services tailored to the changing demands of research and
  • maximize their efficiency in sourcing and scaling these services

Delivering value is the result of strategy planning, alignment of directions and the organizational structure for service delivery. This webinar featured some innovative examples of the latter. Time was set aside to hear from attendees so we could learn from their local experiences. 

Works in Progress: an OCLC Research Occasional Webinar Series
Exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners

What are we working on? What are you working on? OCLC Research Library Partners are invited to participate in Works in Progress: an OCLC Research Occasional Webinar Series to talk about work happening in OCLC Research – we'd like to present our work informally and get feedback from you, our Partners. We'd also like this to be a venue for Partner institutions. What are you working on that everyone should know about? What input would help you move forward? Let us know!


10 March 2015


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]