RLG Programs 2008 Annual Partners Meeting
Supporting New Modes of Scholarship Breakout Session Participants

June 2-3, 2008

Here is a list of RLG partners and staff who participated in the Supporting New Modes of Scholarship Breakout Session.

First Name Last Name Institution
Louis Adrean Cleveland Museum of Art
Ka-Neng Au Rutgers University
Meg Bellinger Yale University
Robert Bolander OCLC Programs and Research
Ronald Brashear Chemical Heritage Foundation
Scott Britton University of Miami
Sheila Cannell University of Edinburgh
Faye Chadwell Oregon State University
Ross Coleman University of Sydney
Vicki Coleman Arizona State University
Paul Constantine University of Washington
Ricky Erway OCLC Programs and Research
Evelyn Frangakis New York Public Library
Cynthia Fugate University of Washington
Patty Gaspari-Bridges Princeton University
Jean Godby OCLC Research
Deborah Jakubs Duke University
Allen Jones The New School
Lesliediana Jones George Washington University Law Library
Sally Kalin Pennsylvania State University
Bob Krall University of Pennsylvania
Cliff Lynch Coalition for Networked Information and RLG Program Council
Frances Maloy Emory University
Jim Michalko OCLC Programs and Research
Randy Olsen Brigham Young Unniversity
Alice Prochaska Yale University
Catherine Quinlan University of Southern California
Patricia Renfro Columbia University
Susan Roeper Clark Art Institute
Mary-Jo Romaniuk University of Alberta
Chris Rusbridge Digital Curation Centre and RLG Program Council
Alice Schreyer University of Chicago
Peggy Seiden Swarthmore College
Kathy Spiess Smithsonian Insitution
Carla Stoffle University of Arizona
Mary Augusta Thomas Smithsonian Insitution
John Tuck British Library
Marcia Tucker Institute for Advanced Study
Nancy Turner Syracuse University
Günter Waibel OCLC Programs and Research
Karen Williams University of Minnesota
David Zeidberg Huntington Library and RLG Program Council

For more information, contact Ricky Erway, Program Officer.