RLG Programs Metadata Tools Forum

May 8, 2008
Boston Public Library

As a follow-up to the successful 2006 RLG Forum on the economics of description, the RLG Programs Metadata Tools Forum showcased some tools for creating "more, better, faster, cheaper" metadata. We brought together developers and implementers, allowing tool developers to showcase their tools and implementers a chance to consider which tools might be usefully employed in their institutions. The forum also provided guidance and feedback to the research community and identify areas where further tool development is needed.

Respondents to the 2007 RLG Descriptive Metadata Practices survey (.pdf: 99K/13 pp.) cited more than 260 tools used for creating, editing, and storing metadata. This forum is focusing on tools that expedite metadata creation or editing that can be used by multiple institutions and do not require purchasing a new system—tools that rely on commonly available software most institutions would already have in-house or that are based on open source components.

Tool Presenters

RLG Partners were invited to join us in Boston and share their ideas and experiences; meet new colleagues and help identify areas for further development.

For a recap of this meeting, see the Metadata Tools Forum Discussion Summary (.pdf: 20KB/1 pp.)

Merrilee Proffitt proffitm@oclc.org
Karen Smith-Yoshimura .
Roy Tennant tennantr@oclc.org
RLG Programs, OCLC Programs and Research


Thursday, May 8, 2008
Boston Public Library

9:00 a.m.

Welcome, context for the day

Ruth Kowal, Deputy Director of the Boston Public Library
Karen Smith-Yoshimura, RLG Programs


Lightning round:

Each of nine tool developers briefly describes the tool he will be demonstrating, why it was developed, what it does.


Tool showcase 1:

Terry Reese, Oregon State University – MarcEdit
Brad Westbrook, University of California, San Diego – Archivists' Toolkit
David Williamson, Library of Congress – Web Cataloging Assistant
Wan Wong, National Library of Australia – Subject Suggester


Lunch break

1:30 p.m.

Tool showcase 2:

Jim LeBlanc, Cornell University – LS Tools
Michael Park, Brown University – MODS Editor
Mark Phillips, University of North Texas – Metadata Analysis Tool
Scott Schwartz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Archon
Raphael Villena, University of California, Los Angeles – Web Cataloging Assistant (UCLA Version)



Questions posed to attendees will be used to spark a discussion of future directions.
Discussion facilitators: Merrilee Proffitt and Roy Tennant, RLG Programs
  • What did you see that could be used in your own environment?
  • What local practices would have to change to take advantage of what you saw?
  • What needs had you hoped one of these tools would address, but didn't?



Area Details:

  • Boston Public Library is located at 700 Boylston Street, right at Copley Square. Guests should enter the Dartmouth Street entrance (between Boylston and St. James).