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The FAST Converter is a Web interface for the conversion of LCSH headings to FAST headings. Either single headings or small sets of bibliographic records can be converted. The intent of this Web site is to provide a learning tool to help familiarize users with FAST and the differences between FAST and LCSH.

The FAST subject headings were developed by adapting the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) with a simplified syntax, retaining the very rich vocabulary of LCSH while making the schema easier to understand, control, apply, and use.


This interface will help users familiar with LCSH to understand the differences between LCSH and FAST. Conversion of sample sets of records will allow for evaluation of FAST as a subject cataloging schema.


An outcome of the FAST project is a computer code capable of efficiently converting LCSH headings to FAST headings in large bibliographic files. The FAST Converter provides access to that conversion process as a Web interface for a small set of files.

LCSH headings can be entered as text, with conversion results appearing as plain text. MARC format bibliographic files (MARC-8 or UTF-8) can also be uploaded, and a link to the converted file is returned. Conversion files are limited to 50,000 bytes, or approximately 500 records.


This is an Experimental offering from OCLC Research. It is intended to support test-of-idea or proof-of-concept work. OCLC Research may modify or discontinue this offering at any time without notice. Some features of this offering may not perform properly. Data underlying the offering is typically a limited subset of data from a larger whole, and the data may or may not be refreshed from time-to-time. Experimental offerings may eventually form the basis for a more robust offering (e.g., an OCLC product or service), but most experimental offerings will be supported for a brief time and then discontinued. Users are encouraged to report bugs and provide other feedback to OCLC Research.



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