Mass Digitization and Partnership Agreements Project History

Note: This project has been completed.

The outcomes of this work help partner institutions contribute in meaningful ways to the collective whole that mass digitization is developing, whether or not they are already involved in Google, OCA, Microsoft or other initiatives. In order to assess community expectations for mass digitization and to ensure that we enter into agreements that allow us to meet researcher needs, a number of activities have been undertaken:

  • In October 2006, in order to identify key issues relating to current mass digitization partnerships, we surveyed Digital Library Federation members to surface community concerns about how mass digitization is transforming the library service environment and to identify interest in specific collaborative solutions. A panel at the DLF Fall Forum probed the issues further.
  • A meeting of stakeholders was convened on June 11, 2007 to surface recommendations regarding public-private mass digitization partnership agreements, to help ensure that future agreements will better serve the interests of all parties directly concerned as well as the research community.
  • An online collection of materials, including various digitization agreements, commentary on them, and existing analytical work, have been assembled.
  • On November 5, 2007, a panel at the Fall DLF forum shared their experiences in mass digitization with private sector partners, highlighting the pros and cons of different arrangements, with an eye toward stewardship responsibilities and community benefit.



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Merrilee Proffitt
Senior Program Officer