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Member benefits

Leverage a strong and diverse global library network 

By working together, members reduce costs and increase access to the vital information overseen by libraries around the world. Members support and gain access to innovative library research, advocacy programs, and specialized professional development opportunities that create dynamic connections and increased efficiency.

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Madeleine Lefebvre

"Members have a very important voice. OCLC is 'us'—not 'them.' Members share basic values of what the library is about and wants to achieve. With OCLC, we can and do achieve what we couldn't do separately."

Madeleine Lefebvre
Chief Librarian, Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 
OCLC Global Council delegate for the Americas Region (2013 - 2016), 
OCLC Board of Trustees (November 2016 - Present)

OCLC membership brings:

  • A connection to a global network of libraries for learning, communication, and collaboration
  • Cost savings through shared and cloud-based solutions
  • An invitation to help guide the cooperative through voting for your regional Global Council Delegates and participating in user groups
  • Access to WorldCat—the most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services with 2.7 billion holdings and growing
  • Library-centered research, exposing members to important topics and trends, with access to OCLC Research reports
  • Advancement of librarianship through scholarships and development programs such as internships, fellowships and collaborations with professional communities.

Learn how OCLC services have helped groups and consortia, public and academic libraries.

A conversation among delegates at the April 2015 OCLC Global Council meeting

Shared purpose, shared values

OCLC's membership is committed to the following shared values to further its public purpose and mission.

Cooperative Engagement

We believe that every individual in the OCLC cooperative has knowledge and competencies to share with and contribute to the cooperative in support of learning and innovation.

Economy of Scale

We know that together we can optimize services to our users by sharing costs and by reducing the rate-of-rise of library per-unit costs.


We understand the importance of a global cooperative that has members from all parts of the world and includes institutions of different sizes and types.

Innovation and Research

We believe in research-supported innovation that creates improvements in information services.

Open Communication

We believe in communicating openly, honestly and accurately with one another.


We honor the rights, beliefs and cultures of every member and every individual and treat one another with the highest degree of respect and dignity.


We believe that all libraries have resources that are valuable for users and we agree to share these resources as freely as possible with one another.


We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the cooperative for our users, now and in the future


We commit to supporting adherence to the policies and practices of the cooperative.

OCLC members embody these shared values by working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Members share collections, metadata, best practices and expertise. They communicate honestly and openly, provide feedback on services, enhance access to information resources, and participate in OCLC councils, advisory groups and user communities (Approved by OCLC Global Council, June 21, 2010).