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Meeting global challenges with collaborative leadership

Global Council areas of focus concentrate efforts around a topic of interest to libraries around the world. This important work spans not only geographic regions, but all types of libraries, while providing opportunities for professionals at all levels of their careers to participate and add their voices and ideas to the conversation.

Global survey results: Redefining the library experience

As libraries continually evolve how they engage with their users, this year's focus for the OCLC Global Council survey explored engagement, programming, and partnerships that impact the experiences of library workers and those they serve. The survey results provide insight into ways libraries are changing library experiences to create more meaningful engagement and positive impacts.

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Global Council together with OCLC Research, work together to develop original research on various topics, producing ongoing resources and presentations that lead to real outcomes for the library community.

2023: Redefining the library experience

The impact of the “library experience” is a concept that the library community has indicated a strong interest in exploring. The 2022 focus examined themes such as community engagement with the library, collaboration among libraries and community partners, and innovative programs that meet the community’s continually evolving needs and expectations.

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2022: Libraries and Open Ecosystems

Libraries play an important role in providing crucial resources and services. As patron needs grow and change, libraries adapt to meet those needs. The 2022 focus explored the library’s symbiotic relationship with the social, educational, informational, and environmental infrastructure of the community where it is located, and its broader impact.

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2021: Sustainable Development Goals

Libraries can bring unique strengths and collective muscle to global sustainability challenges. To inspire more conversations, expanded engagement, and action that leads to impact, OCLC’s Global Council has set its FY21 area of focus on sustainability.

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2020: Discovery and Fulfillment

Learn about discovery and fulfillment efforts in libraries around the world from this global library survey. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for libraries worldwide and what do respondents believe is the next big thing? See how libraries around the world share similar challenges and where they differ.

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2019: Open Access, Open Content

Learn more about open access and open content activities in libraries around the world. This report covers findings from a global library survey of 511 respondents from 69 countries and offers new perspectives on open content activities within the library community as it uncovers and highlights the maturity and versatility of these activities.

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