Linked Data

WorldCat Linked Data Vocabulary

WorldCat Linked Data uses a subset of terms from as its core vocabulary. The current list of used terms includes:

Classes: Attributes (used with various classes):

  • awards
  • bookEdition
  • contentRating
  • copyrightYear
  • datePublished
  • description
  • genre
  • inLanguage
  • isFamilyFriendly
  • isbn
  • name
  • numberOfPages
  • reviewBody Associations (used with various classes):

  • about
  • author
  • bookFormat
  • contributor
  • creator
  • illustrator
  • itemReviewed
  • publisher
  • reviews
  • url
    (Note: the intended use of the “url” property in is unclear. In this data model, however, its use is reserved for cases where the WorldCat record describes a CreativeWork that is located on the Web at a specific URL.) Enumerations:

For situations involving authority control, these additional SKOS vocabulary terms were used:


The combination of terms listed above covers many essentials that are relevant in bibliographic description, but there are some glaring gaps. The vocabulary defined at is designed to fill some of those gaps. The current list of extensions include: