OCLC Research receives ALCTS Presidential Citation for 'Understanding the Collective Collection'


OCLC Research has been awarded the Presidential Citation of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services for outstanding service to ALCTS in the report, Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-wide Perspective on Library Print Collections.

OCLC Vice President, Research, and Chief Strategist, Lorcan Dempsey and Program Officer Constance Malpas, co-authors of the report, accepted the award at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

The ALCTS Presidential Citation recognizes distinguished achievement by a member or members. These special awards honor ALCTS members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession but whose accomplishments do not fall within the criteria for other ALCTS awards.

Lorcan Dempsey, an ALCTS member, characterized the award as an acknowledgement of the important work that OCLC Research has done for the community in providing a quantitative, analytic, system-wide view of library collections that is covered in the report. This body of work has established an evidence base that has allowed and encouraged libraries to begin the shift from local provisioning of library collections and services to increased reliance on cooperative infrastructure, collective collections, shared technology platforms, and "above-the-institution" management strategies.

See the OCLC news release for more information.

For more information:

Lorcan Dempsey
Vice President, Research, and Chief Strategist

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research



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