"Increasing Access to Special Collections" Article Featured in LIBER Quarterly, Volume 21 (2012), No. 2

Written by Senior Program Officer Ricky Erway, the article distills recommendations from nine OCLC Research reports about digitization of and access to special collections.

LIBER provides the following abstract about the article: "In an environment where we increasingly have access to a collective collection of digitized books, special collections will become increasingly invisible if they are not accessible online. In an era of increasing expectations and decreasing budgets, finding ways to streamline some of our processes is the best way to enable us to do more with less. This report details a number of investigations into how access to special collections can be increased. It includes guidance running the gamut from digitization and rights management to policies and procedures."

The article is based on a presentation that Ricky Erway gave at the LIBER Annual Conference 2011 in Barcelona, Spain on 29 June 2011. Both the article and the presentation should be of interest to everyone who provides access to special collections.

All of the projects related to increasing access to special collections and archives undertaken by OCLC Research staff are organized under the theme of Mobilizing Unique Materials.

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"Increasing Access to Special Collections" LIBER Quarterly article in .html format

"Increasing Access to Special Collections" LIBER Quarterly article in .pdf format

Video of Ricky Erway's "Increasing Access to Special Collections" presentation
at the LIBER Annual Conference 2011 in Barcelona, Spain on 29 June 2011

OCLC Research Mobilizing Unique Materials theme

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LIBER Annual Conference 2011 in Barcelona, Spain

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