New Prototype: WorldCat Identities Network

The WorldCat Identities Network gives users the opportunity to visually explore the interconnectivity and relationships between WorldCat Identities.

The WorldCat Identities Network uses the WorldCat Identities Web Service and the WorldCat Search API to create an interactive Related Identity Network Map for each Identity in the WorldCat Identities database. The Identity Maps can be used to explore the interconnectivity between WorldCat Identities.

WorldCat Identities creates a summary page for every name in WorldCat, including people, things (e.g., the Titanic), fictitious characters (e.g., Harry Potter), and corporations (e.g., IBM).

This application was developed primarily by JD Shipengrover, Senior Web & User Interface Designer, and Senior Software Engineer Jeremy Browning.

The prototype is available from the WorldCat Identities Network activity page.

More Information

WorldCat Identities Network activity page

WorldCat Identities Network prototype

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WorldCat Identities API landing page (technical information)

WorldCat Search API landing page (technical information)

JD Shipengrover

Jeremy Browning

For more information:

JD Shipengrover
Senior Web & User Interface Designer
OCLC Research

Robert C. Bolander
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research

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