OCLC Research September Webinar Recordings Available Online and in iTunes

Webinar recordings and slides of "Managing Collections in the Networked Environment: New Analytic Approaches" and "Global Book Publication: Books as an Expression of Global Cultural Diversity" are now available.

  • From 9 September 2010 — "Managing Collections in the Networked Environment: New Analytic Approaches," in which Program Officer Constance Malpas and a panel of young library leaders discuss the role of data analysis in library collection management and provide examples of how they're putting aggregated library data to work in their daily operations. Staff from three RLG Partner institutions share insights from research that is reshaping preservation, access and management practices at Columbia University, the University of Michigan and the University of California, Los Angeles. Featured projects include a longitudinal analysis of circulation trends at Columbia that is informing off-site storage transfers; a study of post-digitization use of print collections at the University of Michigan; and a project to streamline preservation workflows at UCLA by automating selected aspects of risk assessment. Zack Lane (Columbia University), Helen Look (University of Michigan) and Jake Nadal (University of California, Los Angeles) describe how these projects were designed and executed, and share their experiences in developing new institutional capacity for data-driven analyses. This 90-minute session includes an open discussion about the opportunities and challenges of implementing data-driven management strategies and retooling the library workforce.
  • From 16 September 2010 — "Global Book Publication: Books as an Expression of Cultural Diversity," in which OCLC Research Post-Doctoral Researcher Timothy J. Dickey provides an overview of an OCLC Research data mining project that looked at books as expressions of global cultural diversity to provide a global overview of the publishing arts. In this project, researchers considered the overall annual publishing for every country of the world, the libraries that collect and even import a country's works, the "foreign" monographs their libraries import, and the proportion of publications in various official and native languages. These efforts produced a rich data portrait of the global literary arts (as reflected library records in the WorldCat database), with emphasis on cultural literary heritage by country and region and includes a wealth of case studies in single countries' practices in both literary publishing and the preservation of their literary heritage.

A complete list of over 40 OCLC Research webinar recordings is available on the OCLC Research Webinars page and the Technical Advances for Innovation in Cultural Heritage Institutions (TAI CHI) Webinar Series page, as well as in iTunes.

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"Managing Collections in the Networked Environment: New Analytic Approaches" Webinar Recording (m4v: 82.1 MB/1:31 min.)

"Managing Collections in the Networked Environment: New Analytic Approaches" Slides (pptx: 2.85MB/43 pp.)

"Global Book Publication: Books as an Expression of Cultural Diversity" Webinar Recording (m4v: 48.5 MB/49 min.)

"Global Book Publication: Books as an Expression of Cultural Diversity" Slides (ppt: 2.28MB/37 pp.)

OCLC Research Webinars

OCLC Research Webinars in iTunes

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