"Treasures on Trucks and Other Taboos: Rethinking the Sharing of Special Collections" Webinar Recording Available

In this webinar, Program Officers Jennifer Schaffner and Dennis Massie present background information on the often controversial topic of loaning archives and special collections materials.

In addition, two pairs of Special Collections and SHARES ILL librarians discuss issues and experiences. Naomi Nelson and Margaret Ellingson from Emory University speak from the perspective of an institution that's been loaning successfully for years. Cristina Favretto and Scott Britton from the University of Miami bring the perspective of being new to the discussion and just starting to consider the issues before coming to a decision about whether and how to make their materials more widely available.

This webinar helps move the conversation forward about the challenge of loaning special collections materials. It is the sixth webinar in our continuing series and is available on the OCLC Research PARcast page and in the iTunes store.

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Treasures on Trucks and Other Taboos:  Rethinking the Sharing of Special Collections Webinar (.wmv: 147MB/131min.)

Treasures on Trucks and Other Taboos:  Rethinking the Sharing of Special Collections Webinar (.mp4: 178MB/131min.)

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