Webcast of Tom Hickerson's Distinguished Seminar Series Presentation, "Convergence of Knowledge and Culture: Calgary's Design for the Future" Now Available

Tom Hickerson, Vice Provost of Libraries and Cultural Resources, and University Librarian at the University of Calgary, spoke at OCLC on 12 February 2009.

A recording of his presentation, including video and slides, is now available as a streaming webcast. A separate webcast of the discussion that followed Tom's presentation is also available.

More Information

Webcast of Tom Hickerson's presentation (video and slides)

Webcast of the discussion following Tom Hickerson's presentation

Tom Hickerson's presentation slides (.pdf)

Libraries and cultural resources at the University of Calgary (blog post)

The Future Now: LAM @ U of Calgary (blog post)

Tom Hickerson DSS presentation overview

OCLC Distinguished Seminar Series

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