RLG Programs 2008 European Partner Meeting outputs now available

Presentation files from the productive and cordial RLG Programs European Partner Meeting, held 5-6 November in Paris, are now available online. 

RLG Partners are encouraged to mark their calendars for the 2009 RLG Partnership Annual Meeting, which will be held 1-3 June in Boston.

More Information

RLG Programs 2008 European Partner Meeting event page

RLG Programs 2008 European Partner Meeting attendees

Lorcan Dempsey's "Supporting Research in a Web-Scale World" presentation (.pdf: 1.5MB/13pp.)

Lynn Silipigni connaway's "Expectations of the Screenager Generation" presentation (.pdf: 1.6MB/32pp.)

Richard Ovenden's "Managing the Collective Collection: Partner Response" presentation (.pdf: 3.8MB/22pp.)

Douglas Dodds' "Virtual and Actual: Library, Archive and Museum Collaboration at the V&A" presentation (.pdf: 4.5MB/34pp.)

Christian Lupovici's "Renovating Bibliographic Description: Bilbliothèque Nationale de France Response" (.pdf: 50K/10pp.)

John MacColl's "The Prolific RIM: Mapping Research Support Activity in Libraries" presentation (.pdf: 2MB/17pp.)

For more information:

John MacColl
RLG Programs European Director
OCLC Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research

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