Ross Singer of Georgia Tech Wins Second OCLC Research Software Contest

Ross Singer has won the Second OCLC Research Software Contest with Umlaut, an OpenURL Link Resolver intended to improve access to library collections by contextualizing citations and available holdings more accurately for a given user. Currently running with Georgia Tech's catalog, Umlaut utilizes a host of web services and can take several paths depending on what it finds at various stages.

The contest judges were impressed at how much the Umlaut does for the user, especially the effort to get them to full text files, and thought the use of OCLC services was well done. As the contest winner, Mr. Singer will receive a check for $2,500 and a visit with OCLC researchers and others in Dublin, Ohio (USA).

More information about Umlaut, including access to the service itself, is linked below.

Jesse Andrews is the contest runner-up, with Book Burro, a Firefox/Flock extension that uses Open WorldCat and xISBN functionality to facilitate locating books.

The Second OCLC Research Software Contest ran from July 1 through mid-September.  Its goal was to encourage innovation in the use of web-based services for libraries.

Entries were judged by a panel of expert practitioners and academicians from OCLC and the library/information community:

  • Thom Hickey
    Chief Scientist, OCLC
    blogs at outgoing
  • Walt Crawford
    Systems Analyst, RLG and OCLC
    author/editor of Cites & Insights; blogs at Walt at Random
  • Elizabeth Lane Lawley
    Associate Professor and Director, Lab for Social Computing, Rochester Institute of Technology
    blogs at mamamusings, many-to-many, and
  • Roy Tennant
    User Services Architect, California Digital Library
    Owner, Web4Lib and XML4Lib electronic discussions; author

More Information

Ross Singer's Umlaut

Jesse Andrews' Book Burro

Thom Hickey

Walt Crawford

Liz Lawley

Roy Tennant

2005 Contest Winner

For more information:

Thom Hickey
Chief Scientist
OCLC Research

Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
OCLC Research