Stu Weibel in residence at U. Washington's iSchool

OCLC Researcher Stuart Weibel will be in residence at the University of Washington Information School throughout calendar 2006. Among several objectives for the year, Stu will write on the topic of persistent identifiers.

"The opportunity to spend an extended period in another research environment provides a chance to ventilate my thinking through interaction with a strong and diverse faculty," Weibel commented. "While I am not going to UW to do metadata work per se, I’ll be among friends who understand my background and can help me extract maximum value from my visit. I hope to make a contribution to both the iSchool and to OCLC Research while strengthening the outward-facing ties that have become increasingly important to us, and to the future of librarianship. It is hard to imagine a more hospitable place to do this than the iSchool at the University of Washington."

Stu’s visit is sponsored by iSchool faculty Michael Crandall and Stuart Sutton, colleagues of some years in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Tony Hey, Microsoft’s vice president for technical computing, is also providing generous support.

This is the first arrangement of this type for an OCLC researcher.

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