OCLC Research releases Open Source OpenURL 1.0 software

The OCLC OpenURL 1.0 distributions provide OpenURL 1.0 resolution capability. The default installation echoes OpenURL requests formatted in HTML, but the service can be configured to support any context-sensitive service compliant with the OpenURL 1.0 protocol.

The OpenURL is a protocol for interoperability between an information resource and a service component that offers localized services in an open linking environment. Although OpenURL is generally viewed as a Web service protocol, this implementation decouples the Servlet front-end from the core functionality so it can be embedded in the architecture of broader systems.

The OCLC OpenURL 1.0 software was developed by Jeff Young and Thom Hickey.

This software may be used without charge in accord with the terms of the OCLC Research Public License.

For more information:

Jeff Young
Software Architect
OCLC Research

Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
OCLC Research