OCLC Research implements publications repository; architecture incorporates lightweight standards-based components

Built with OCLC services, the OCLC Research Publications Repository contains works produced by, or sponsored by OCLC Research. In general, the works are research-oriented and are in the subject area of library and information science. Many items describe OCLC Research projects, activities, and programs and were originally published by OCLC, while others are from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. The repository contains metadata about publications and, whenever available and permitted, a link to the full digital text of items described.

The repository's architecture incorporates open source, standards-based, lightweight services such as OAI, SRW/U, XSL stylesheets, and ERRoLs.  The architecture serves as an OCLC Research-based demonstration of how elegantly these technologies can be combined to achieve powerful and practical results.

Metadata was prepared by cataloging items into WorldCat.  Access is through an OCLC Research Repository search interface, an SRW/U search interface, an ERRoL interface, and through FirstSearch.  The data is also available for OAI harvesting.

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Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
OCLC Research

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