Edward T. O'Neill and Lois Mai Chan's FAST paper available from IFLA

The paper, "FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): A Simplified LCSH-based Vocabulary," presented at the World Library and Information Congress last summer in Berlin, is available from the IFLA Web site. Originally written in English, the paper also is available in French, German, and Russian versions.

Ed O'Neill is Consulting Research Scientist, OCLC Research.

Lois Mai Chan is Professor, University of Kentucky School of Library & Information Science.

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FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): A Simplified LCSH-based Vocabulary

    • English version (PDF:192.4K/12pp.)
    • French, German, and Russian versions are available from the IFLA Web site. (Do a browser search on "FAST" to locate the links.)

Edward T. O'Neill

Lois Mai Chan

World Library and Information Congress


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