Bringing Special Collections into the Large-Scale Digitization Milieu project

Through various communication channels, we are helping to raise awareness in the special collections community of the implications of digitizing the widely-held material and how this will impact special collections. We work with partner staff to enable more efficient digitization of special collections.

We're investigating the large scale digitization of special collections and the challenges in getting some of the vast amounts of unique content in special collections into the user flow. 

  • A forum on digitization in archives and special collections was held on August 29, 2007, and we have begun to put this information into the hands of special collections curators and surface issues for further action.
  • We've begun an investigation into format-specific scanning stations (for fairly uniform flat formats, such as slides, postcards, documents) and ways to get them into the community.


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Ricky Erway
Program Officer

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