Scorpion's Web interface

Scorpion includes two Perl scripts and an HTML page, which taken together provide a web-based interface to the Java application.

The HTML page is set up to work with the included LCC database. The Perl scripts are likewise set up, but a few variables in classify.cgi will have to be set so that it will work on your system. The variables that need to be modified are at the top of the script and are self-explanatory.

It's important that the classpath include all the JAR files listed, and that the pathnames be correct on your system. If they aren't, the application won't run. Also, if your record set handler requires classes not found in the listed JAR files, you should be sure to include them in the classpath.

After you've made the modifications to classify.cgi, all you have to do is make the Web page and the script accessible over the web. You'll probably need to modify the FORM element of the the Web page so that it points to the actual location of the script under your web server configuration.

Scorpion's Perl module dependencies

Perl >= v5.6.0

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