Scorpion's initialization file

Section Required Description
[Scorpion] YES Contains parameters necessary to Scorpion.
[ RecordSetHandler Sections] NO Set parameters for the RecordSetHandler class. Dependent on how you write your RecordSetHandler.


Parameter Required Description
RecordSetHandler YES Specifies the class that will be used to handle record sets.
GwenProps YES Full path to the Gwen properties file.
scoreID NO Each record returned has a score(rank) associated with it. If this parameter is set, then its value will be the fldid of the score in each record returned. Defaults to 777.
ScoreMethod NO There are several different methods for calculating the record scores. The default is "ATC". See here for other score methods

Note: This section is implementation specific.

Parameter Required Description
FIDID* YES A string that will be used as the key for this fldid in a Hashtable.

Note: This section is implementation specific.

Parameter Required Description
Formatter YES Specifies the class used to format each record of a record set.

Below is a sample Scorpion initialization file.

RecordSetHandler = ORG.oclc.scorpion.lcc.LCCRecordCollection 
GwenProps = /path/to/scorpion/demo/gwen.props
scoreID = 992
ScoreMethod = ATC

11      = a
25      = ScorpionCaption
26      = ScorpionHierarchy
27      = ScorpionKeywords
28      = ScorpionTerms
29      = ScorpionNum
992     = ScorpionWeight

Formatter = ORG.oclc.scorpion.lcc.LCCFormatter2
#Formatter = ORG.oclc.scorpion.lcc.LCCFormatter
#Formatter = ORG.oclc.scorpion.lcc.LCCXMLFormatter

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