Compiling Scorpion

Before you begin

First, you must make sure that the following Makefiles have the correct values for some of their variables.

  • handlers/Keep.Makefile
  • handlers/Makefile.tmpl
  • other/Keep.Makefile
  • other/Makefile.tmpl
  • src/Keep.Makefile
  • src/Makefile.tmpl

There are only a few for each file, and they are clearly listed at the top.

Makefile distribution

Included with Scorpion is a home-built mechanism to ease Makefile distribution. The Perl script is the distribution "engine". It will look for a file called Makefile.tmpl in some directory and distribute this file to all subdirectories, renaming it Makefile and making a single modification to each copy. looks in Makefile.tmpl for a line matching /^SUBDIRS=/ and then, for each directory, a list of its subdirectories is appended to this line. If there is a directory that requires a Makefile different from the template, it can be created and named Keep.Makefile. will use the unmodified contents of that file to create the Makefile in that directory. will accept a directory on the command-line. It will look in this directory for Makefile.tmpl and begin the recursive distribution in that directory. If no directory is given, it will use $ENV{PWD}.

For instance, to compile the main Scorpion code, cd into the scorpion/ directory. Then run src. Alternatively, you could cd into the scorpion/src/ directory and then run ../ They have the same effect. After running one of those commands, the Makefiles will have been distributed throughout the main Scorpion source tree. To run make, however, you'll have to be in the scorpion/src/ directory. Assuming the pears.jar, gwen.jar and Dbutils.jar are in scorpion/lib/, you'll be able to compile Scorpion.

Compiling your record set handler

It will probably be simplest if you create your source directory under the handlers/ directory. You can put your code in the ORG/ sub-directory, or you can create your own (com, edu, etc..). If you create your own, add it to the SUBDIRS line in handlers/Keep.Makefile. If your Record Set Handler has dependencies beyond scorpion.jar and Dbutils.jar, add them to the J_ARGS line of handlers/Makefile.tmpl and then run After has been run, cd into the handlers directory and run make jar to compile the source and create a jar file.

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