Shared Print Policies: Sample Single-, Last- and Shared-Copy Policy Documents

In 2008, the RLG Programs Shared Print Working Group compiled a list of known single-, last- and shared-copy policy documents in preparation for a shared print policy review exercise that was completed in July 2008.

This table provides links to documents included in the 2008 policy review, as well some others. It is provided as a resource to institutions and consortiums that are drafting or revising similar agreements. If you are aware of further examples that can be added to this list, please contact Constance Malpas.

Library Group or Facility Document Title Publication Date URL

University of California - Stanford University

UC/Stanford Music Librarians Memorandum of Agreement [for] Music Serials Last Copy Preservations


University of Georgia

Last Copy In Georgia Policy


University of Wisconsin

Recommendation on Last Copy


Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Libraries

PASCAL Policies

[ca. 2001]

Center for Research Libraries

Distributed Print Archive Model Agreement


Five Colleges of Massachusetts

Five College Library Depository Archive Agreement


Five Colleges of Ohio

Five Colleges of Ohio Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Sharing of Library Materials


Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

CARLI Last Copy Guidelines


Northeast Ohio Regional Library Depository

Statement of Agreement Regarding Duplication of Material at the Depository


Tri-University Group of Libraries (Canada)

Tri-University Group of Libraries Preservation of Last Copy Agreement


University of California

Persistent Deposits in UC Regional Library Facilities


University of California - Government Information Librarians

Agreement on Last Copy Retention of Government Publications


CAVAL Archive and Research Materials

CARM Centre Collection and Services Policy Manual


Chesapeake Information and Research Library Alliance

CIRLA Distributed Print Preservation Pilot Project


N/A as of July 2008

Group of Eight (Australia)

Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Last Copy Collection Retention


N/A as of July 2008

Indiana Light Archive for Federal Documents

Indiana Light Archive Collection Stewardship Guidelines

2007 web/fdlp/stewardshipguidelines832007.doc

UK Research Reserve

UK Research Reserve Retention Agreement


N/A as of July 2008

University of California Libraries - United States History Consortium

Revised Memorandum of Agreement [for] United States History Journals Last Copy Preservation


University of California Libraries - Women's Studies Consortium

Revised Memorandum of Agreement [for] Women's/Gender/Feminist Studies Journals Last Copy Preservation


Orbis-Cascade Alliance

Orbis-Cascade Last Copy Guidelines


US Federal Depository Library Program

FDLP Handbook


Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey

VALE Last Copy Guidelines


Washington Research Library Consortium

WRLC Off Site Storage Policies: Shared Copy Policy


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